You Are Home

Outdoor Mural

Curated by Vera Kobalia

VFS Augmented Reality Team –  Adam Roerick, Lawrence Yip, Steven He, Cesar Nazario, Luis Guerreo, Diego Gonzalez

The You Are Home mural was one of those projects where somewhere down the line, everything shifted for the better. This augmented-reality project as originally pitched to me to be a mural about new technology and power of augmented reality. After diving deeper into the community and history of the City of New Westminster, this mural ended up being a piece surrounding the sense of belonging. For this project I was paired up with a team of animators and 3D modelers from Vancouver Film School. The mural is located in central downtown New Westminster by Columbia and McKenzie street. 


At first, I was asked to a mural focused on the conversation of new technology. This mural was intended to be a fun interactive piece for the community to enjoy. 


During the process, I learnt alot about how the city had a falling out and how they're now in an era of rebuilding and reinvigorating the community. It just so happened that the wall we ended up going with belonged to the Union Gospel Mission, an organization that has been at the core of overcoming poverty in the community. There's alot of layers to the history behind the community and I didn't want to overcomplicate it so I chose a simple, direct yet warming phrase and pitched it to Vera and the city. As a whole, we felt that the simple phrase "You Are Home" had alot of impact and touched both the cities and UGM's missions. 


With the new concept underway, I went back and jazzed up the illustration and worked with the AR team to see what was realistically possible to animate and bring to life. I ended up pulling inspiration from vintage postcards, which gave the AR team alot of freedom to animate the artwork within a masked frame. 


In the mural, i've featured the key components of downtown New Wesminster. 


The majority of this project comprised of recycled mural paints from other projects.


Final Mural (The snapchat code below works on the digital image, try it out!)


Snapchat Poster (Designed by City of New Westminster) and grand opening reveal hosted by the city council.

Augmented Reality Demo (by City of New Westminster)


Out of all the murals i've done, this one has definetly been the most rewarding. To this day, I still get heartfelt messages and photos sent to me by local visitors.


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